With its Grungey post industrial look, this newly renovated venue is perfect for a blues party. It regularly hosts concerts, parties and movie screenings and knows how to cater for dancers and bands. They provide top notch sound, lighting, and ambience. 

Gagarin is curated by an independent art community with a deep commitment to animal rights, therefore a majority of their revenue is donated for the benefit of shelter animals.

Floor: Hardwood. Not a waxed dancefloor, but wood. Not overly slippery and won't ruin the soles of your dance shoes. 

Address: 46 Salame Street, Tel Aviv

 The Zone


Come dance with us in one of Tel Aviv’s premier independent Music venues! Crisp sound, wooden floors, friendly staff and if you need to cool off, then go have a sit in the garden.


The Zone has everything you might want in a venue and This is really one of our favorite venues for blues dancing.

Floor: Lacquered Wood, a bit uneven but amazing for dancing

Address: 13 Ha’Rechev Street, Tel Aviv





TALKHOUSE – a state of the art facility with excellent audio-visual system, located at the Tel Aviv port just by the Yarkon River; it contains a restaurant with a "street food" menu, a bar and a wonderful terrace.

TALKHOUSE is a home for inspiring speakers, talks, and music shows. It is a place for people with deep social, scientific, technological, and cultural sense of responsibility, who are looking for new ideas, opinions, latest scientific implied developments, stories, and agendas, in every discipline one can imagine.

With it’s gorgeous view over the Mediterranean and the Yarkon river, it is the perfect location for our daytime party.


Floor: Smooth tile

Address: HaTa'arucha St 3, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Paviolion 12, Tel Aviv Port

1040 Biergarten




We will end this year’s exchange in a piece of Bavaria on the shore of the Mediterranean. With an unbeatable view of both the sea and the Yarkon river, 1040 Biergarten is the ideal place for us to be. Inspired by the first Weihenstephan brewery, founded in the year 1040, Biergarten draws upon a long tradition of brewing, drinking, and merry making. They offer a great menu of both food and beer to keep you going through the night.

Arrival through Reading parking lot. Enter the port through the locks bridge will bring you right to the spot

Look for pavilion number 16, if entering from the port


Floor: Wooden Planking (There might be some gaps, don't wear narrow heels)

Address: Kikar Plumer, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Pavilion 16, Tel Aviv, Port.