The Team

 Liraz Shveka 



As an organizer and DJ, Liraz is a known face in the Tel Aviv Blues scene.  You may know her from one of the international festivals that she has DJ'd or as an organizer of regular blues parties in Tel Aviv. She is beyond passionate about music and will be happy to spend hours talking about slide trombone, she just can't resist that muted horn.

Liraz brings her years as a music educator and organizer of concerts and other events to BCB. She will make sure that all the event will run smoothly and that the music will be absolutely top notch.

 Ben Gladnikoff 


Ben has organizational experience from both national and international events that had to be run on schedule and a tight budget. He is also pretty music obsessed, but unfortunately, despite many attempts, unable to play any musical instrument. Instead he channels that into DJing, dancing, and long arguments about music that don't really serve any purpose. 

You may spot this errant Swede far from his natural frozen habitat on the dance floor or behind the decks at some festival or in Israel. If you do, don't be afraid to come and say hi.

 Nataliya Vladimirovna 

Graphic Design

The scion of Russian potato farmers from the wilderness of a Moscow suburb, Nataliya learned early on that to fill your life with beauty, you have to make it yourself. She started as a young child making stamps out of potatoes and ink out of the leaves.


She later took her hard won skills to Taiwan where she realized there was more to life than plant based art. You can also make tea out of them.


These days she lives in Israel where her hobbies include dancing, annoying cats, and complaining about the weather.

Gayle Cohen

Chief Consigliere and Housing Coordinator

Gayle discovered her passion for dance at the age of 4 in ballet and jazz classes, and later studied dance in high school. To this day Swing and Blues dancing are a significant part of her life. Gayle always knew that she would be part of the world of dance. After years of experience in producing music videos and short films she returned home to the world of dancing as the production coordinator for Gaga movement LTD and has been involved in the organization of many Swing and Blues events in Israel. We are proud and happy to have her on board.

If you want to show Gayle some appreciation, she is partial to Whiskey, Vodka, and dances. One Talisker neat please!