Aron "Fluff" Saunders 

Is there a festival left in Europe Fluff hasn’t played at? If so, he will probably be there soon. With a passion for blues stretching back 20 years, his experience dancing, playing, DJing, and organizing blues events is hard to beat.  He’s always hunting for new and interesting tunes, digging out tracks to thrill the dance floor or hunting down artists who nail that Bluesy vibe.


Alain Andrieux

“Based in London, Alain has been DJ'ing trad Blues for various events and festivals around Europe. A passionate Blues dancer, he particularly enjoys playful mid-tempo Jazzy Blues tunes and emotionally-charged, intense, goosebumps-inducing slow Blues songs - but will play an eclectic blend of genres and tempos based on the mood of the floor. He also loves chocolate rugelach (wink wink).

Miguel A.Cruz

A Blues-culture-lover, dancer, teacher and DJ, he's been DJing in several Blues-Dance festivals around the world, New York, Prague, Toulouse, Rennes, Lithuania, Barcelona... as well as in local parties. He's always looking for different styles and rhythms and  also tries to find "the right song for the right audience and moment".

Anna Price

Photo Mark Hart

Anna has always loved music of all kinds (it’s genetic – she is Welsh!). One of the things she particularly loves about blues (both the music and the dance) is the breadth and diversity – there are songs to suit every mood and a way to dance that expresses it. She loves everything, but is particularly drawn to slow gooey songs, sweeping flowy songs, elegant jazzy songs and anything with plenty of dramatic hits!

Emma Whitcombe

Photo Petra Fröschl

Emma started DJing blues in the UK when the Bristol blues scene really got going back in 2013 and someone needed to play some tunes. Having discovered blues dancing via lindy hop a year or so earlier and fallen hopelessly in love (mostly because the music was much less likely to be 'too happy'), she embarked on an ongoing mission to educate herself and her scene, with particular attention to female artists, blues history, blues from around the world and unknown live artists she's seen on the street and bought music from. And Tom Waits. She likes to sneak in a few rhythm challenges, well-known but unexpected tunes, and loves anything with some good gritty spirit. What she plays will range from jukey country blues to New Orleans latin rhythms, soul and heart-rending jazz, but it will always have emotional honesty and rawness to it, with maybe some sly humour too, once in a while.

 Tal Engel 

Tal Engel, or DJ Angel as he's otherwise known but thinking of changing, is not the DJ you want. He's the DJ you deserve. Trained by ancient dancefloor monks in hidden mountain nightclubs, Tal has been known to mix SOUL, HIP-HOP and INDIE to devastating kung-fu effect. He uses forbidden turntable voodoo to travel back in time for the newest SWING sensations, and makes deals with demons to brandish the most devilish BLUES. As a longtime dancer, Tal knows that the dancefloor is a great source of mystical power, and he understands that only the finest musical magic will do in order to keep the forces of darkness at bay. With him on the decks, you are part of a great adventure of epic proportions. Join the fight and dance.

 Ben Gladnikoff 

Hailing from the cold dark land of Sweden, Ben spent those long winter months bringing joy and warmth to the frozen feet of his compatriots with some classic soul tracks. He has close to ten years experience of filling soul, blues and swing dancefloors, and has played at blues festivals all over Europe. Since moving to Israel, he has become a fixture at all of Tel-Aviv’s Swing and Blues venues, where he delights in bringing the best old and new tunes for people to enjoy. Always amazed at the wonderful ways people react to the music he plays for them, you often see him dancing and grooving along while spinning the decks. Ben has a strong obsession with music, but despite many attempts, he is unable to play a musical instrument. Instead he channels that into DJing, dancing, and long arguments about music that don't really serve a purpose. He's especially passionate about all forms of blues, from the rural Delta rythm to that urban Chicago sound via the melting pot of New Orleans, and he knows that it has the power to move both your body and your soul like nothing else can. This is the feeling that Ben brings to the dancefloor, and with him on the decks you'll get a whole new appreciation for that old magic music called the blues.

 Liraz Shveka 

Music has always been a part of Liraz’s life. As a music teacher, introducing new music to people isn’t just a passion but also a profession. She first started DJ’ing as the office DJ, and has continued to be that at every job she ever held. Her talent and understanding of music clearly shines through and she is now one of Israel’s most appreciated and sought after Blues and Swing DJs. As a dancer, Liraz knows what makes people move and is always looking for those interesting and beautiful tunes that will inspire the dancers on the floor. From slow sorrowful soul to the powerful brass sections of New Orleans, Liraz will ensure that the floor is always filled with both dancing and emotion.