What we offer 

Black Coffee Blues will be everything you want it to be and more!

  • Four nights, February 2-5

  • Four evening parties

  • One amazing daytime party

  • Monday evening Fusion after party

  • Live bands that will knock your socks off

  • The very best DJs we can procure for you

  • Blindy (Blues+Lindy) Pre-party hosted by Holy Lindy Land for 25 NIS.

  • The love and hospitality of one of the warmest dance scenes in the world

  • Early spring

  • Handpicked venues

  • Atmosphere that will put you in the mood for blues

  • Black coffee to wake you from your winter slumber and warm your hearts and feet

Participation Cost

Because we love Blues and we love you we are charging only the bare necessity we need in order to run the event, we organize, you pitch in to cover your participation. 

We also understand that costs are considerably higher for guests from abroad so we have decided to give you guys a considerable discount.

  • Participation for Israelis: 250 NIS

  • Participation for Foreign guests: €50

As everything goes back into the event we will also offer the option to donate an extra amount. 

Photo by Dan Erez

 The Idea 

It was a swelteringly hot evening in July. The car was acting more like a submarine than a land vessel as it drove through air so humid it was shaking like Jello. Liraz and Ben were on their way home from their Blues party and, as was their habit, bickering about music.

"You know what would be fun?" said one to the other. "Tell me what you think would be fun." said the other to the one. "To organize a Blues Exchange." said one. "Fine" said the other. "Fine" said one.

Budgets were made, calculations argued over, venues spoken, musicians harangued. It turned it was fine. A crack team of operatives were assembled and the plan put into effect. Liraz and Ben looked at their idea, and they saw that it was fine.